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Robin Hood. Series 3, Episode 9: A Dangerous Deal.

The Story: What is perhaps the single most well written episode in the Show’s entire history starts with Robin Hood creeping up on Isabella, the new Sheriff of Nottingham, whilst she is sleeping. He is there to offer a deal: If she keeps him informed of Prince John’s plans, he will in return protect her in her position as Sheriff. But she refuses his offer, and Robin is forced to make a speedy exit via the window.

Isabella does however state that she intends to be the best Sheriff that Nottingham has ever had, and the following day Robin Hood and the Outlaws go into Nottingham to see her in action as she presides over the case of a young girl called Meg. Isabella identifies with the way Meg has been mistreated by men, and sets her free, proclaiming at the same time that Nottingham is to be a fairer place in which to live. She also informs the crowd that her brother Guy is to be executed for his deeds. But the applause her comments induce is interrupted when her husband Thornton steps forth, announces himself as Sheriff, and has his men escort Isabella inside. Isabella has to surrender to Thornton simply because she will be perceived by Prince John to have broken “God’s Law and Man’s law” by running off and leaving him. But just as he is about to have Isabella locked up, Meg attempts to reciprocate her earlier kindness by “buying” Isabella’s safety with information about the whereabouts of some Viking treasure. So it is Meg who is then put in the dungeon whilst Thornton takes Isabella (spade in hand), to investigate. And who does Meg find in the cell next to hers? Guy of Gisborne! Meg knows who Guy is, and taunts him about his fall from grace. She expresses the hope that he will go to Hell, to which Guy responds that he is already there.

Meanwhile, another couple have been embarking on quite a different relationship. Kate and Robin stayed behind in Nottingham after listening to Isabella’s speech as the new Sheriff, and it wasn’t too long before a heated quarrel turned to passionate kisses. So now, as they observe what Isabella and Thornton are doing in Sherwood Forest, Kate raises the subject of romance. Robin feels that would be “difficult”. Kate wonders if he cares for Isabella, or is it his concern for Much which makes him hesitant? At this stage nothing is resolved, but it is interesting that Marian’s name is not mentioned once. Whilst they continue to observe, Isabella and Thornton are successful in finding the Viking treasure. Furthermore, Thornton’s violent conduct towards his men, makes Robin Hood decide he has to be got rid of.

Back in the dungeons the situation between Meg and Guy is taking a different course. Her questions begin to disturb him, as she talks about being prepared for death, and having a clear conscious: “Is your life so empty that you don’t care if you live or die?” she asks, whilst Guy’s emotions begin to unravel. By way of answer he makes the simple gesture of dusting the soil from her crust of bread and handing it to her. “There must be some good in you yet”, she says smiling, and perhaps for the first time in his life Guy of Gisborne forms a friendship.

In Sherwood Forest, Thornton is preparing to take the new found treasure back to Nottingham, as Kate has a quiet word with Much, asking him to make it clear to Robin that they are just good friends, thus leaving the way open for Robin and her to become lovers. Much barely conceals his hurt, but agrees to do as she asks. But, as the Outlaws then attack Thornton’s troops, Much is so distracted by his emotions that he lets the Treasure slip away. After the fight, when the Outlaws catch up with Isabella who has fled into the forest, she is petrified at what Thornton may do to her, and agrees to work together with Robin Hood in order to gain his protection. Kate looks on, wondering if her feelings of jealousy are justified or not.

Whilst escorting Isabella back to Nottingham, Little John tells her that he thinks Robin Hood only has eyes for Kate. (Not a good idea, John!) Isabella later goes on to release Meg at the first opportunity, but is enraged when the girl asks for Guy’s freedom also.

When morning comes, it finds Much sneaking away from the Outlaw’s Camp unnoticed, having decided to leave them for pastures new. Back in the dungeon, Meg visits Guy and offers him food. Guy thanks her for her supportive gesture: “You’ve made me think about someone I used to know”, he says. “She made me a better man, but I destroyed her”. And he hangs his head remorsefully. At this, Meg returns to Isabella’s quarters and steals the keys to Guy’s cell, but when she tries to release him, Isabella catches her in the act and determines to have them both executed together.

In Sherwood Forest, Much’s absence causes very little attention as the Outlaws prepare to meet up with Isabella and take possession of the Viking treasure she has promised them as part of the deal for the protection she will be given. Little John uses the opportunity to have a quiet word with Robin: ”She’s worth more than treasure”, he says of Kate. “Don’t let her slip through your fingers”.

In Knight’s Glade, where they meet up with Isabella, it is of course a trap and fighting breaks out. Just when the Outlaws seem out manoeuvred, Much appears from the trees and saves the day. They then decide to venture into Nottingham, where Guy’s execution will provide the perfect distraction for them whilst they steal back the treasure. (Wouldn’t you have thought Robin Hood would want to see Guy lose his head?)

Standing before the chopping block, Guy pleads for Meg’s life, but Isabella refuses to listen. Then, as the axe is about to fall, Robin Hood’s arrow sinks into the executioner’s side, causing his blade to go spinning wildly into the air. But where will it land? As the axe hurtles down towards the bare skin of Meg’s neck, a second arrow from Robin Hood causes it to change direction and it sinks into the guillotine next to Guy. But the excitement sustains when Thornton himself reappears from out of the crowd to resume his position of authority over his wife, and the Outlaws make a break for it with treasure in hand.

Once again, the two leading couples in this story take centre stage: Just as Guy seems to have broken free from the executioner‘s platform, a soldier thrusts at him with his spear and, attempting to save him, Meg takes the blow in her side. Simultaneous to this, Robin Hood has told Kate she must go with the Outlaws whilst he re-enters the Castle to ensure Thornton doesn’t kill Isabella. (He needn’t be concerned, Isabella has found enough courage to deal with her evil husband on her own…)

End bit: Guy of Gisborne carries the dying Meg to safety, coming to rest deep in the forest. “I’ve always quite liked you”, she manages to smile through the pain, and their all too brief relationship is sealed with a kiss to her dying lips as Gisborne lowers his head in grief. Meanwhile, around a camp fire somewhere, it is an altogether happier Robin Hood who is telling Kate how “Brave, and beautiful” she is. However, within her Castle chambers, a solitary Isabella is now vowing her next murder will not be Robin Hood himself…

Comment: Outstanding writing by Michael Chaplin. One can only imagine what the original cast could have done with scripts like this.

Lara Pulver continues to excel. She is absolutely fabulous; so much so that I don’t even care to get pre-occupied by the concept of a female Sheriff in that century. Also, full praise to Holliday Grainger in the role of Meg. (Yet another in the long list of characters we would all like to have seen much more of, but alas it's not to be.) And, for me at least, the Kate - Robin romance now seems perfectly believable. Yes, I know, the concept of Robin Hood having a different love than Marian remains a tricky one if not down right wrong historically. But sadly, these are the cards the previous poor writing / direction, left us with. So, taking that into account, I think a fantastic job of recovering this series has been done by all concerned. Excellent stuff all round. More please!

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood Series 3 Cast:

Robin Hood - Jonas Armstrong
Kate - Joanne Froggatt
Guy of Gisborne - Richard Armitage
Tuck - David Harewood
Sheriff of Nottingham - Keith Allen
Little John - Gordon Kennedy
Much - Sam Troughton
Allan-a-Dale - Joe Armstrong
Isabella - Lara Pulver

30 May 2009 at 22:11  
Blogger Kara said...

So, it appears Alan has taken Kate’s infatuation with Robin with his usual other-fish-in-the-sea approach, since the writers’ cut him completely out of the whole No Exit love chase between Much-Kate-Robin-Isabella. Just as well – the tangled web of jealous hearts is confusing enough as it is.

Kate and Robin could work, I suppose. It is wrong that I want him to keep harping on about Marian? In any other situation a character would be, I think, expected to move on, but with the literally centuries worth of Marian/Robin stories, I think my reluctance to see him with anyone else is justified.

I continue to love what the writer’s do with Isabella’s character. That, my friends, is one truly twisted sister. She goes deeper into the dark side, and I really like seeing how she handles the role. All I ask is for the writers’ to somehow work in a Margaret Thatcher joke. Please?

And now we have Guy looking like he’s on the path to redemption. I was quite shocked to see him actually crying. (I was also yelling at the screen for Guy to take the girl to a doctor, but I’m trying to let that go.) I half expected to see him show up at the outlaw’s camp as Robin and Kate made out and awkwardly say something along the lines of: “I’d like to fill out a job application.”

Seriously – what’s Guy going to do now?

31 May 2009 at 02:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree less with you on every bit. I consider this episode to be the worst we had in three years. I think the series is getting worse and worse as we go on and the prospect of having Jonas leaving the show makes me think it would probably be for the best if they pu an end to it at the end of this year.

I think Lara Pulver's acting is incredibly bad. She tries too hard, the outcome is absolutely irritating, and the character becomes ridiculed. She had great potential, but after episode 6, everything was ruined. Everytime she is in a scene makes me want to scream.

The love stories (Much-Allan?-Kate-Robin-Isabella and the all too easy Meg-Guy), and the subsequent jealousies contribute in large proportion to the ridiculous turn taken by the show without adding anything to it. And Robin has lost Marian - and with her, all the balance and depth she gave him. Now he is just back to being an arrogant and egocentric hero.

As for the rest (but is there really a rest?): Prince John and Squire Thornton are complete caricatures. Friar Tuck could have brought something new but he is as transparent as every other member of the gang. And I won't even comment on the preposterous anachronism of the gender war in this last episode.

I simply cannot understand how a show that started so well ended up like that.

31 May 2009 at 03:33  
Blogger Paige said...

While I don't disagree with you as strongly as the previous commenter, I do disagree about the Robin and Kate 'relationship'.

Kate was what kept me from liking this episode. There were so many good bits of writing in this. The drama was great and the story with Meg and Guy was touching. Not to mention incredible acting from the whole cast (kate excepted). But Kate ruined it for me.

She was annoying the whole episode! How is it that the writers can make a character like Meg likable in one episode, yet can't do it with Kate in eight? I really wish they would show us what she does to make the gang like her so much.

Robin calls her 'brave and beautiful' but all I saw from her this episode was jealously, selfishness, and insensitivity. Oh, not to mention arrogance and disobedience.

Sorry, but I just don't like her. And I don't like her with Robin. Maybe if I really thought he had 'gotten over' Marian, I'd be ok with it. But it seems more like he's completely forgotten about her. And I can't stand that.

And I can't help comparing her to Djaq. When did Djaq ever distract a gang member with hurtful comments, causing a plan to fail? She was such a superior character, it's not even funny.


31 May 2009 at 05:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Paige, they've done nothing to make us like Kate's character. Not to mention the fact that Robin is being very insensitive towards Much by starting something with Kate, I guess they didn't have Bros before Hos back then! In my opinion the Kate/Allan chemistry worked better. As for this season in general I don't like the way they've introduced so many new characters instead of just focusing on the great ones they already had. There's been much too little of Much, Allan and John this season.

31 May 2009 at 07:36  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Kara,I am also reluctant to see Robin Hood with anyone but Maid Marian. I didn't start Robin Bloggin' because of Jason. I was here long before him. When I was a little boy, plastic figures of the outlaws would tumble from my Cereal packet. My play activity (actually in Sherwood Forest), always involved making bows and arrows.

But Lucy's gone. That was a stupid, stupid error, and an appallingly bad/dumb idea. I agree. But that's the basis on which the new production crew have had to operate. I think, given those cards, they've been playing a suprisingly good hand.

31 May 2009 at 10:50  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Anonymous of "I couldn't agree less",Having been so full of praise for the range of emotions Jonas effectively played in the past, I do find myself thinking now (and only because of the more limited character he is being asked to enact), that he is replaceable.

I think he would be missed far less than Michael Praed in Robin of Sherwood. I support Jonas, although I know he has his critics. He's great. But the Robin Hood of Series 3, is a more 2 dimensinal action hero.

For example, amongst the issues which complicate the romance with Kate, Marian wasn't mentioned once by him. And yet it was one of the first things mentioned by Guy in his cell when talking to Meg.

Regarding Lara Pulver's acting: Don't you think she's meant to be "irritating" in that way? Isabella is not like Guy, who can be dark and calculating. Isabella is more openly psycho when her temper goes. She's not just a "baddie". She's mentally disturbed.

Regarding a comparison with previous shows: I look back now on Series 1 (still my favourite overall), and see Will (for example), standing still voguing for the camera a lot of the time. The same with Alan. It was what they were asked to do almost all the time. I think this story was crafted together far, far more effectively than any of that. I also think the current writers wouldn't have been so arrogant / brain dead, when it came to Marian.

Thanks for your input. It's good to get a range of opinion.

31 May 2009 at 11:05  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Paige,Re Djag: Don't forget she was a far more experienced and educated person than Kate, who really has come straight from her brother's murder in a small village, to this. Not only was (top use your words) Djaq a superior character to kate, I think she was superior to much of the cast in her complexities. Ceratinly far more interesting than Tuck has turned out to be. (He's really a disappointment to me now).

We agree to differ, but I do find myself liking Kate. No, she's not Marian. She's not cultured, nor educated. She does show signs of jealously (as does Much), selfishness (as did Alan), insensitivity (as does Robin), arrogance ( again, same with Robin),and disobedience (as with John and Djaq). But I think she's got reason to get so shirty at times bearing in mind anger at her brother's death.

Is it simply because she's a girl that people are critical of her actions and not the rest of the gang?

31 May 2009 at 11:20  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Anonymous, of "I agree with Paige",
Surely Robin Hood is ALWAYS insensitive towards Much. he's been that way since day 1.

I do agree that Alan is being wasted. My own interpretation is that Alan saw Kate in terms of a one night stand. (Maybe 2). And that's why he's stepped aside so readily for Robin.

But it does seem that the format of the show is going to continue to introduce new characters, each lasting for an episode or two at most, whilst John / Alan / Much provide the back drop.

31 May 2009 at 11:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi (this is Rav, for some reason, my computer won't let me log in).

Well, I enjoyed this episode...for the most part. Isabella interests me, and having seen her horrific husband, I can understand why she is the way she is. Allan got a couple of good lines, and Much got a chance to save the day!

The Guy situation was probably the high-point of this season so far, and that's coming from someone who is in no way a Guy-fan. For the first time I actually *felt* something for what I was watching that wasn't just contempt.

Is it simply because she's a girl that people are critical of her actions and not the rest of the gang?Well, as someone who is decidedly *not* in the Kate fanclub, my answer to this would be no.

I dislike Kate because I simply cannot fathom why she's in this show. She adds nothing to the storylines, causes nothing but trouble, has no basis in the RH legends, and is so helpless that it came as quite a surprise to me that she managed to NOT get captured this episode. I can't believe we lost Djaq to make room for this.

You point out that the other outlaws have faults; but the key difference is that these are actually SEEN as faults, and are often acknowledged as such by the other characters within the show. Kate on the other hand, has never been called out by the other outlaws for her lousy behaviour.

Which was quite troubling in this episode. Last week she was telling Much and Allan that they had to concentrate on the mission; this week she was asking Much to "talk to Robin" so that she could hook up with him. Robin calls her "compassionate", and yet she twice tries to talk him out of going to Isabella's rescue when she's being threatened by her murderous husband.

Not that Robin makes much sense either these days. He yells at Isabella for killing her husband in self-defense (cause your plan to get rid of him worked SO well, didn't it, Robs) and yet not two minutes ago he put an arrow through the heart of the executioner.

I don't know. For me, this show makes very little sense anymore. It's just a sequence of random events, and the fact that its most touching scene was the murderous villain weeping over a one-shot guest star in the forest means that something has gone very, very wrong.

31 May 2009 at 12:29  
Anonymous Hannah said...

I thoroughly agree with the comments about the original 'gang.' The historical legend of Robin hood focusses on Robin Hood and his men. His band are an integral part of his character and the story and should still drive the storyline, not be extras in it.

The first series and second had a relatively large, well developed and really gelled together cast. It was the 'brotherhood' that really made the show for me and they were just as important as Robin Hood. Yes, Robin and Marion was an important dynamic, but so was Robin and his band. Much was a really important character in particularly the first series and they gave him real depth and some good storylines to explore. Likewise with John and Alan.

Now the series is completely about Robin, his 'ladies' and the baddies. The band are now just bit parts in my eyes and personally I'm really disappointed. I think this is in part due to the fact that although they've replaced the lost members will and djac with kate and tuck and so kept the numbers, the don't mesh. Before they were all of a similar age (bar john) and had similar ambitions to Robin.

Now the original three are split by past storylines and lacking present storylines, and the new members are too different- kate is VERY much a girl, not 'one of the lads', and tuck is from a completely different world to them and is more like a spiritual leader than another equal man.

Before this series I would have actually believed that Jonas could have been fairly easily replaced because of the sold supporting cast. Now with the complete focus on Robin and his story, they've made a rod for their own backs- there's no 'we are Robin Hood' now, so they'll have to come up with a very impressive new Robin to be successful.

31 May 2009 at 12:45  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Also wanted to add that although I certainly wasn't Marion's biggest fan, I am really missing her character! She just provided something for the show and the story, and Robin's character, that is completely gone now, and can't be replaced. But I always thought that she was written out because she wanted to leave the show, rather than a choice by the writers? And as mentioned by some at the beginning, I am secretly wishing for a death scene reunion ;)

I for one really dislike Kate's character. Yes, this is from a certain pettiness on my part- she has an annoying voice, she doesn't look right for the period at all e.t.c (bleached hair? sure ) but I agree that's not a foundation to dismiss her part. Therefore I also feel that her character is completely inferior to both Djac's and Marion's.

Djac provided brains, charisma and was one of the gang- she remained a on the whole a masculine character and so fit in with the boys. Marion provided the outside female character, also charisma, and the love story/sexual aspect. With the loss of both of these women, I think the writers have tried to make Kate be both; she lives in the forest, fights and takes part in the adventure; but also still dresses like a woman and is now providing a love interest for Robin. And it in my opinion doesn't work.

I liked Djac and Marion in their own rights and because they were both so different from each other- they were firm characters and didn't much change. I can't like Kate because she shifts persona and she always seems to have different agendas- there's nothing firm in her characer to latch on to.

I also can't get over Robin's convenient silence on the Marion subject. I hate the feeling that he cared about it all up until the end of ep. 1 until he buried her ring- now I can almost imagine him saying 'Marion...who's Marion?' If the subject were ever to come up. I think that just adds to his very 2D character this series.

Also I loved the Guy/Meg thing- Guy's character has been so crazy and lost recently, but this gave him real depth and defintion- I love seeing those shades of grey again like the previous series.

31 May 2009 at 13:20  
Blogger Polly said...

I enjoyed this episode and thought Isabella's acting is amazing.

I don't like Kate either and do think her characer is inferior to Djac's and Marin's.

Meg was played by Holliday Grainger, she was brilliant, I didn't want her to die. Yeah,I wonder what will happen to Guy now?

31 May 2009 at 16:00  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Rav,
"having seen her horrific husband, I can understand why she is the way she is." Agreed. People need to take on board that Isabella isn't just a villian with potential love interest. She's mentally disturbed by her experiences, and I think Lara plays that great.

"The Guy situation was probably the high-point of this season so far, and that's coming from someone who is in no way a Guy-fan." Neither was I. But I think the character is MUCH better scripted now.

"I dislike Kate because I simply cannot fathom why she's in this show". We can't have an all male cast. "She adds nothing to the storylines", apart from providing romance for Robin Hood, which is one biggy right there, "causes nothing but trouble", unlike Alan who sold out to Guy, and Will who left Robin to go with Alan, and Djaq, who kept the science book with the formula in, and John who also disobeyed Robin and went off on his own. She "has no basis in the RH legends", which of course also fail to include a Saracen Outlaw, nor any romance at all between Guy and Marian, and Alan A Dale hasn't even sung one note yet as far as I can remember, "and is so helpless that it came as quite a surprise to me that she managed to NOT get captured this episode." Hey, she's improving!

"Last week she was telling Much and Allan that they had to concentrate on the mission; this week she was asking Much to "talk to Robin" so that she could hook up with him." Rav, are you suggesting the show has inconsistencies? Tut tut. Shame on you... "Robin calls her "compassionate", and yet she twice tries to talk him out of going to Isabella's rescue when she's being threatened by her murderous husband. Hey, that's women for you. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

"Not that Robin makes much sense either these days. He yells at Isabella for killing her husband in self-defense and yet not two minutes ago he put an arrow through the heart of the executioner". Yes, but was the executioner wearing a shiny hat at the time? Shiny hat people don't count when it comes to archery practise. Okay, they're worth 5 points in terms of the game, but not in terms of "human life being sacred" and all that stuff.


Hi hannah,
I totally agree about Robin Hood, and especially his Outlaws, not being side-lined in the way they are. In many ways the construction of the show is very old fashioned; like an old 1960s western: The main characters are established in the opening show, after which, guesty stars take the lead in individual stories.

Like I say though, the current writers have inherited a ludicrous post-Marian position. Bearing that in mind, I think they've been doing really well. I prefer the first series by a long way. Simply because of the way the young cast gelled together. But I don't think the scripts they were given (or often as not NOT given), were as well crafted as this particular episode. Series 1 was great often in spite of the writing rather than because of it.

"tuck is more like a spiritual leader than another equal man." And, for me, has become a huge disappointment.

"they'll have to come up with a very impressive new Robin to be successful." Meaning no disrespect to Jonas, but matching his abilities will not be the challenge. The challenge is in accepting the previous fan base won't like him regardless, whilst trying to establish a new one.

"Marion... I am really missing her character! She just provided something for the show". Charisma. Lucy Griffiths had a certain charisma which gave an element to the show which, you're right, has not been replaced.


Hi Polly,

Thanks for the info. I will place the actors name in the review. Much appreciated.

Regarding Kate, I do seem to be in the minority here. I like her. (Especially in that green dress. Very nice).

31 May 2009 at 16:23  
Blogger Kara said...

"Is it simply because she's a girl that people are critical of her actions and not the rest of the gang?"I'd venture to say the heavy criticism is more because she's the "the Replacement" rather than "the Girl." Anyone trying to step into Marian's shoes is going to be under heavy scrutiny, and even if she was 100% perfect (which she isn't), her name would still not be Marian, which, perhaps, is what leaves some people cold.

Also, Polly - her parents named her 'Holliday'?? Poor girl. It's shame her feisty character was sacrificed on the alter of drama.

31 May 2009 at 16:23  
Anonymous kitty said...

Are casting on gin ? Meg is what fifteen/sixteen and Guy is late thirties early forties . Lets get a sense of realism here .
what will happen to Guy
Option one -he gets killed by the sherrif (keith Allen ) will return
Option two -he is the new Robin Hood
Option three-accidentally death by a either a member of the Robin Hood group or a new character

31 May 2009 at 16:29  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Kara,
You're right about Kate being "blamed" for events which took place long before she turned up.


Hi Kitty,
Here's my guess. Are you ready for this?

Guy gets killed by Isabella when he tries to save Kate's life! As he is dying, Robin Hood thanks him for saving Kate.

31 May 2009 at 16:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'll provide one more rebuttal, but then I think I'll call it a day on the Kate-front.

We can't have an all male cast.

Why not?

apart from providing romance for Robin Hood, which is one biggy right there

In terms of the "big picture story", which is feeding the poor, saving England and fighting for justice, this season could have progressed along nicely without her. Her "story" is to be the centre of a love-square, something that milks time away from more important issues and more interesting characters.

unlike Alan who sold out to Guy, and Will who left Robin to go with Alan, and Djaq, who kept the science book with the formula in, and John who also disobeyed Robin and went off on his own.

Yes, but these actions of the other outlaws were addressed in the show, and often ended with a reprimand or an apology. Kate seems to have free rein to do whatever the heck she wants without consequence. (Maybe I'm talking too soon - hopefully there is a good heart-to-heart between Robin/Much coming).

which of course also fail to include a Saracen Outlaw, nor any romance at all between Guy and Marian, and Alan A Dale hasn't even sung one note yet as far as I can remember

There is always room for changes and developments in a legend, but Kate has been this show's first completely original contribution to Robin Hood's band of merry men (well, sans Roy, but he only existed so they could kill him off). With that in mind, they had the opportunity to make something really special of her - their own personal stamp on the ever-growing legend.

As you know, it was "Robin of Sherwood" that introduced the concept of a Saracen in the gang, and Robin hasn't been without one since. I doubt the part of "fiesty village girl" will be a staple part of the story in years to come.

But despite (more) grumbling, this was definitely the best ep yet, and I'm on board for the rest of the finale to see how it all pans out.

31 May 2009 at 23:50  
Anonymous Jess said...

I would just like to say that this episode of Robin Hood has been my favourite so far. It includes a wealth of depth, simultaneously exploring character relationships and development. Prime examples of this being Isabella gradually shifting over to the “dark side”, and becoming an example of what power can do to one’s mind. Lucy Pulver is one talented actress – she’s got the diverse characteristics of Isabella just right, as events begin change her character.

The tangled web of jealousy and attraction grows ever stronger in this episode, illuminating some pivotal points in character development. An example of this would be the Kate – Much – Robin – Isabella knot. I personally believe Robin is better suited to Isabella; her strong-willed tendencies beside his egocentric “hero” status, is a highly, fiery and compatible match. I can’t wait to see how their relationship unfolds!

We also a glimmer of hope for Guy! Rotting in a cell certainly brought out his humble side as he awaited execution. And who should come along? The wonderful Holly Grainger. Their relationship was the highlight of this episode. Even though I was very sad she died at the end, their brief encounter was very reminiscent of Braveheart. So, I guess you could say: it was a “beautifully-tragic” ending and that's what made it bearable. Yep, I’m hopeless for romances ;)

‘Nuff said.

Shame we didn’t see more of Meg.


1 June 2009 at 00:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, lot's of opinions here today. I am struggling with this season. I miss the camaraderie of the gang.

Each of the original gang had different skills and backgrounds that were able to work together in spite of (Djaq who was from an entirely different background and a woman and John who had been a leader of outlaws with a survival purpose) and because of (Much, and Marian who shared a childhood with Robin, Will from the village and Allan because he’s Allan and a go with the flow sort of guy). This season there is too much action and not enough interaction.

I don’t like the additions to the gang either. Tuck only had a personality in the first episode (where he had great potential). And I don’t like Kate either as I see her as hot-headed, selfish and immature. I agree that Much, Allen and John are mostly backdrops and they were so much fun the first two seasons. It doesn’t do the show any favors(favours in the UK?. :)

In this episode I liked the Guy/Meg storyline and I am not a Guy fan either (he did kill Marion after all). I also think Laura is doing an amazing job playing a woman who seems to have been abused most of her life and now, additionally or because of it has lost it.

I loved this show's first season and I am disappointed in how it is ending up.


1 June 2009 at 01:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? It seems that the Robin/Kate relationship came a bit out of left field. I know she's been interested, but in the previous episodes it looked as if Robin was completely oblivious, and now this? It simply doesn't work for me, and frankly, I'm super annoyed that it would move in this direction at this point. How many episodes do we have left? 3? Little late in the game if you ask me. Poor Much, doesn't he always get the short end of the stick? I felt incredibly sorry for him and found Kate to be really insensitive to him when she asked him to talk to Robin for her. I'm finding that I just want to end this series and get on with it.

However, I'm finding that I am liking Gisbourne more and more. He's really growing on me this season. I found his scenes with Meg to be touching, and am I wrong in thinking that this was the first time HE has taken responsibility for Marian's death? It's about time! This has "redemption" written all over it!

I may write more later, but those are my thoughts for now.


1 June 2009 at 01:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's redemption, and there's redemption. I could handle Gisbourne becoming a Not-As-Bad-As-He-Used-To-Be Guy. I don't think I'd like to see him go all the way to be a Good Guy.

1 June 2009 at 02:42  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi anonymous of the "fiesty" kind,
Well, we can't have an all male cast simply because it wouldn't bring in the ratings. One thing which was established VERY early on during Series 1 of Robin Hood, via a poll on my Series 1 blog (still there), was that Lucy was the most popular member of the cast. In spite of the obvious competition from heart throb Will and the Armitage Army.

I must say I do quite like the idea of "Fiesty Village Girl". I has a certain ring to it. Does it come with a cape??

Regarding "Kate has been this show's first completely original contribution to Robin Hood's band of merry men": Joking aside, and I direct this more at the original production team than yourself, great claims were made regarding how original this show was going to be; claims made alongside disparraging comments about the 80's hairstyles in Robin of Sherwood. But in the end, the only true original contribution was murdering Marian - the most popular member of the cast! As far back as c.1958 we had an impossibly young looking Billie Whitelaw as a "fiesty female outlaw" in the ever popular Richard Greene TV series.

Thanks for your contribution. I'll be interested to hear what you think about the next show.


Hi Prufrock,
Yes, for some reason the site drew c.900 hits today (31st June). I was beginning to think someone had died!

"This season there is too much action and not enough interaction." It does appear like that's the formula now. Action man Robin, whilst others get the "deeper" character parts. And yes, like you, I am really disappointed in Tuck in particular. I believe I'm right in saying he was meant to have "a past". But, unless he does something soon, the show will be over. He's turned out to be the least interesting Tuck of all time.

Oh, and "favors / favours", hey, you say Tomahto and I say Tomayto.... Potarto, potayto...


Hi sjl,
Yes, the romance did suddenly slip in there. But I guess, with Jason leaving, he has to have someone whose arms he can die in apart from Much's. (That is supposing he does die. We don't know for sure).


And thanks for dropping by. I reckon you and me might be the minority here. But I agree with what you said. It was a great episode!

1 June 2009 at 02:43  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi dcwash,I'm hoping against hope that Guy will become the new Night Watchman. (ARE YOU STILL LISTENING BBC?)

It will never happen, but he could be a combination of good and bad like the original Batman in the comics used to be.

1 June 2009 at 02:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But in the end, the only true original contribution was murdering Marian - the most popular member of the cast! As far back as c.1958 we had an impossibly young looking Billie Whitelaw as a "fiesty female outlaw" in the ever popular Richard Greene TV series.I wasn't aware of Billie Whitelaw - you know more about the RH legacy than I do, and most of what I do know comes from browsing this site!

However, if the show claims "killing Marian" as their bid for originality, then I'm sure I've seen a RH made-for-TV-movie that also killed off Marian. It starred Kiera Knightley as Robin Hood's daughter, and Marian was killed off in the first few seconds, and went on to provide narration from beyond-the-grave for the rest of the movie. I'm probably telling you nothing you don't already know, but technically this show can't strictly state that they're the first to do away with Marian.


1 June 2009 at 04:01  
Blogger Paige said...

Wow! Conversation has been heated this week!

I'll drop the whole Kate thing after one final paragraph. I agree with Hannah on this one, and I think she put it a lot more eloquently than me. All of the other outlaws seem to be endearing inspite of their faults. We know they're there, we just love them anyway. With Kate, they want to give her character flaws, and yet still have the lads gush about how perfect she is. I just don't find it credible that they've all lost their heads to this girl. Oh, and I think that Jonas was sleeping through his scenes with Kate. No passion there, whatsoever.

Ok, now about the parts that I did like.

Seriously, the Gisbourne siblings are quite a pair, aren't they? I really liked the prison scenes with Guy and Meg, and despite my dislike for Guy I found myself warming up to him.

This is the first time he has ever taken responsibility for Marian's death, and that was nice to see. They could really take his character in a good direction from here, if they choose to do so. The Meg character was great, and I think showed that a female character can be fiesty and not annoying (is it possible that I just don't like Joanne Froggatt?). I really think that their relationship was supposed to be a paralell of how Guy/Marian could have been. She helped him to finally come to grips with what he had done, and he ended up standing up for her. Someone on another board pointed out that it was also closure for Guy killing Marian. He got to be there when Meg died, and hold her, yet it wasn't his fault this time.

Ok, one more random thought, but Izzy has to have the coolest wardrobe ever! Her dresses are absolutely stunning! Oh, and I just love Izzyy in general. Lara is an amazing actress, and I think she pulls off all of the double crossing very well.

Alright, that's enough from me. For now. :)

1 June 2009 at 04:43  
Anonymous Jess said...

Someone on another board pointed out that it was also closure for Guy killing Marian. He got to be there when Meg died, and hold her, yet it wasn't his fault this time.

I agree. I really warmed up to Guy in this episode, because at last, he expressed some remorse. The writers have opened up a lot of good ventures for Guy's character, if they proceed in this vein. But I wouldn't like if he became "too" good.

With Kate, they want to give her character flaws, and yet still have the lads gush about how perfect she is. I just don't find it credible that they've all lost their heads to this girl. I still can't read Kate. She seems very forced into this series, as if the writers wanted to give her traits of both Djac and Marian, forging both the characteristics of sex-appeal and "brains." Nope. It doesn't really work. She really suits being with Much, but her pining after Robin just made me think about love-sick teenagers, who ask their friends, "could you speak to so-and-so for me?"

Izzy has to have the coolest wardrobe ever! Her dresses are absolutely stunning! you betcha :) I wasn't too keen on Marian's outfits ... and speaking from experience being an amateur director, they appeared a bit too "clean", and not rugged and authentic like Isabella's.

Right, thats all for me today.


1 June 2009 at 10:29  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Paige,
Re "I think that Jonas was sleeping through his scenes with Kate. No passion there, whatsoever." I will be very interested to see what kind of roles Jonas is offered in the future.

And yes indeed, The Gisbornes are fantastic. I thought I would miss Keith Allen more than I am, but Lara Pulver is making a great Sheriff!


Hi Rva,
Thanks for the info. Kiera Knightly played Robin Hood's daughter, Gwyn, in "Princess of Thieves". (TV movie, 2001). I've not seen it, so thinks for your account. Marian also has problems at the very end of "Robin and Marian", one of my very favourite Robin Hood films. So yes, technically speaking, it's not the first Marian death. Maybe the first to "go" before Robin...


Hi Jess,Re costumes and appearances: It is quite suprising looking back at the start of the first series and seeing how clean cut they all are.

1 June 2009 at 11:18  
Anonymous Annie said...

Hi, Robin,

Regarding Jonas's other projects, he will be appearing in an episode of The Street as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who returns home severely disfigured.

He's currently filming a movie in Romania called The Glass House about the Jewish resistance movement in Budapest at the end of WWII. He stars as a young Jewish man who rescues other Jews from the Holocaust.

You probably already know that he made a horror film called Book of Blood based on a Clive Barker short story. That movie has not yet been released.

Thus far, he seems to be getting roles as young soldiers. I don't know if I would call this typecasting, but at least in The Glass House one could consider his character a modern-day Robin Hood, though obviously without any of the lightheartedness we associate with the Robin Hood legend.

In series 3, I think Jonas's acting abilities have been underutilized, but we've seen glimpses of his range in episodes like "Too Hot to Handle," where he had to convey a range of emotions without dialogue. It will be interesting to see him in other projects.

1 June 2009 at 13:03  
Blogger robin hood said...

Thanks Annie,Although, as you say, one might sense a little bit of type casting there, both the Street and The Glass House roles will be significant ones, both in terms of their "message" and Jonas's career.

I would be very interested to see both.

1 June 2009 at 13:14  
Anonymous Arianiv said...

i'm not really good at the analysing like others here who've made some great points, but i'd just like to an episode.

am i the only one who nearly cried in pretty much all of much's scenes! god that is one adorable man. i hate how kate just completely dismissed robin's comment about and concern for Much, euggh thoughtless

and deffinitely agree that Guy is much better written this season. Meg was an ok character, but it was more what she did for Guy that was great in this episode. I love Paige's comment: "He got to be there when Meg died, and hold her, yet it wasn't his fault this time."
a sweet sentiment, and congrats to richard for pulling off the subtle changes from loathing to possibly loving Meg. he seemed a very deep character this ep.

just getting annoyed with robin now, i guess if the writers hadn't given him a love interest, he may have found it harder to get back on his feet after marian's death, but still, kate seems better off with allan, with the whole snapping at each other thing. i don't hate her completely but she just doesn't seem mature enough for robin, who's doing well otherwise trying to do right by King Richard and by England.

1 June 2009 at 14:21  
Blogger evielyn said...

Hi Robin, Gosh what a busy blog you have this week I am late making my contribution too much enjoying the sun and BBQ@s I only caught up with the episode last night but here's my view for what its worth!

Lara as the sheriff is brilliant and what an evil man her husband was he would have made an excellent sheriff in my opinion (if we had never had Keith Allen)

I thought Meg/Guy in jail was very good he really does feel bad about what he did to Marian it has coloured all his scenes I think in S3. It will be interesting to see what happens to him.

Someone had a comment on Lara/ Isabella's dresses they are really good she really looks the part that she plays of course she is flawed but with a brother like she had who openly admits that he sold her into marriage and a cruel husband who tries to manipulate her its a wonder that she is still sane she is bound to play one man of against the other its the only way she has learnt to survive

And now to Robin! What can I say I am afraid I join the majority Robin I don't like the Kate/Robin thing at all it doesn't ring true to me there is no charisma there between them (he put a lot more into kissing Isabella then Kate) Where has it come from? I do feel a great reluctance to have him with anyone else but I myself could have accepted Isabella there was definately a spark between them, I felt when Robin snogged Kate the same way as I did when Will snogged Djaq cringeworthy I felt awkward because it didn't seem real, and why should Kate be bothered about Much whom has been with Robin for most of his life is she so unsure of herself that she has to attack his friends? I felt so sorry for Much he is so lovely although we no longer get the Robin/ Much scenario's anymore thats my piont all of the gang seem to be their own seperate characters now, Tuck does nothing there seems to be no reason for him being there and what I cannot understand is why Marian has completely been forgotten by them all I could understand Robin's reluctance to mention her but John could have said something when he was talking to Kate("You know about his wife Give him time" sort of thing)as could have Much I suppose being a Loxley girl she is supposed to know all what happened
but its still odd to say the least.

I was one of the ones who felt certain that Marian's ring would turn up in the dying moments of S3 (Robin's last arrow) but now I'm not so sure as I can't honestly say if he will die the way things are going will he ride off into the sunset with Kate.In that case will the ring be forgotten as I can't see it being resurrected in S4 Is it still there maybe you could look for it Robin.
I do seem to have gone on a bit this week but such a lot of imput that I agree with I will stick with it if only to see what does happen. I did enjoy the episode though they do go from strength to strength we should have had these writers in S2 maybe we would have had a much better ending.

1 June 2009 at 16:04  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi ArianivI have to agree with all your ppoints. Great episode, and yes RA has a great character on his hands. Much better defined than before.

I'm also a big Sam Troughton fan, and I don't think there's a happy ending in store for Much somehow...

1 June 2009 at 16:51  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi evielyn,I haven't managed to locate the ring so far, I'm afraid. I reckon it might be underneath the car park somewhere, in which case I'll have to wait for the planned renovations to the Sherwood Visitor's Centre.

It seems that those most in favour of this episode have joined the comments nearer the end?

Certainly I am in a small minority when it comes to liking kate. I would certainly have much preferred the continuation of Marian and Djaq (surely that goes without saying), but I don't tend to draw the comparisons others do. I think she's a person in her own right, admittedly a far from exotic village girl, but doing fine.

Lara Pulver has certainly grabbed the show's spotlight. A tour de force.

1 June 2009 at 16:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved watching the interview with Sam Troughton , (link above)he seems to be an extremely bright chap . One gets the distinct impression he is for the off , Jonas states several characters are going at the same time . Any ideas who will be left apart from isabella

3 June 2009 at 20:05  
Anonymous Hannah said...

I agree with what others have said- I felt excited at the thought of an Isabella/robin romance- they really clicked and had chemistry- they still do, and I'm disappointed that faded away, although there is still a complicated relationship there. And in comparison to that, like evielyn said, I don't feel that there with robin and kate- it just seems immature.

And yes, I love Isabella, a great character who's really added to the show, particularly as I said the robin dynamic. And Much- what can I say?? I love Much!! We've been fans of him here from the start, I definitely thought sam troughton was one of the best actors and much was one of the best characters as he had many layers and had such potential. They've really underused character and actor- but then havn't they done that with Tuck, Allan, John, e.t.c * grumble grumble* you know the rest ;)

6 June 2009 at 02:01  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Hannah,

Your comment about the immaturity of the Robin / Kate affair really pin points the problem.

Although Robin Hood is certainly an "experienced" ex-soldier, by his own admission having known his fair share of the ladies, when it came to Marian, and now Kate, he's like a schoolboy. That wasn't the case with Isabella in his arms.

I think the writers switch their style where supposed "true love" is concerned to this more innocent approach. Quite possibly it has something to do with the early hour the show is broadcast, although I'm not suggesting graphic love scenes are necessary. (Robin and Isabella eating those strawberries said all that needed to be said!)

6 June 2009 at 10:27  
Blogger Emily said...

Hi Robin,
This is my first post in a very long time - first this series. Though I miss Marian terribly as everyone does, I came to a place where I could watch ad enjoy this season for what it was, mostly out of curiosity as to what could come of it now. I have to say that I have gotten quite into it (though I must agree with your points on Episode 10, however, but that's not what I wanted to say).
Just some quick comments, first about Kate.
1. I like her, despite her annoying moments - and she was getting less so until she tried using Much to speak to Robin in this episode. Its interesting to note that most people who dislike her character are from other women and from what I can tell it isn't who she is, its certain things she has done. She has portrayed several behaviors that, though honest human flaws, is very annoying to other women. Secondarily, it is true that everyone else gets called out on their flaws/misbehavior - why not Kate? I think this is partly to do with the very little scenes involving outlaws at camp - ie Much, Alan and John's characters falling into disuse, except to look pretty and do some cool tricks with the sword and staff.
2. I don't find the Kate/Robin romance believable - it feels so flat to me. Honestly, its probably due to the fact that its hard to envision him with anyone other than Marian; though you can hardly make Robin Hood a monk by any means. First of all, he was far more into Isabella, proven by his dialogue and intense chemistry and hot kisses. Secondly, when Kate does kiss him, he has this disinterested look on his face, and his comment, "I had better get going," afterwards gave the complete impression that he was not that into her and it honestly felt as though it was building up to a "just friends speech." That was the body language that Jonas was giving out. You just don't feel it with them.
On the other hand they looked like Robin and Isabella were going to start rolling round on the forest floor.
I'm not sure if this is a defect of the writers or not. I mean, no comment on inconsistancies, this show never has any - but they stirred up a whole lot of fandom for Marian/Guy - I mean, at least there was build up with them and chemistry.
3. Meg. I loved her. What a story arch she would have been if they'd kept her around. In fact, she made me love Gisbourne. Isabella - great Sheriff - but Meg trumps Kate any day as a character to me. In one episode she has shown so much dimension and charisma, that I think its a shame they simply killed her off. I know it was to shadow Marian dying from a stomach wound, but I don't think anyone is blind to the fact that that is what Gisbourne is thinking about all the time.
She was a reflection of that goodness and you could see that without her physical death. Anyways, that was a spark with Gisbourne that could have been interesting. Keep Meg around, let her be friends with Lady Sheriff - oh my you've got a new informant, Robin. Let romance with Guy grow, you've got some more complications growing. You can't have too many women in this show. There's only TWO at a time, for some reason. Is there a reason for this? Some sort of TV/movie reason I don't know about?
Anyways - thats enough for now. Just my thoughts.

7 June 2009 at 15:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While the writing may be outstanding, the plotting, which I can only believe is not in the hands of the writer, sadly has its problems. You pointed them out: (1) “In Sherwood Forest, Much’s absence causes very little attention….” — How can we forget how integral Much has been to Robin’s life as well as to three series of episodes so far? (2) “Wouldn’t you have thought Robin Hood would want to see Guy lose his head?” — Most definitely! Then there’s the illogical irony of Robin preventing Guy’s execution. If this only could have been ascribed to Robin being concerned about what Marian in heaven would think of him (which of course is out of the question since Robin has not had any such concern all along!), then it might have made some slight sense. How can Robin recklessly kill so many anonymous guards and still care about the lives of Gisborne and even Isabella? It is an insult to the common people (whose families surely provide some of the fodder who become the guards).

True, as you responded to another comment, Robin has been insensitive to Much since Day 1, but in the past, Robin’s insensitivity hasn’t been so devastating (except to a much smaller extent in episode 1x4 which I think had some poor characterization, but I don’t want to digress now.) In the past, Robin has never been able to shake his aristocratic origins when dealing with Much who is likewise Robin’s enabler because Much never shakes his servile behavior. Nevertheless, we believed Robin in 2x12 when he said that Much wasn’t his friend but his brother. This behavior in 3x9 is quite a bit different than Robin's usual casual callousness. It’s all part of Robin’s new two-dimensionality, as you mention. Robin isn’t given a chance to react to other characters, no matter how central they have been to his entire life or his gang.

As for your earlier comment that the Robin of series 3 won’t be missed because he’s become this two-dimensional hero, whose fault is that? The producers of RH have deliberately trashed their main character who should be the legendary hero just so that they could dispense with him easily while setting up a replacement. I suppose they are trying to be “creative” and “original” (i.e., unpredictable which also means, in this case, illogical); I call that particular story line downright disingenuous because they have tricked the audience into expecting something else which they had already decided not to deliver, not to mention, lazy, since they really couldn’t be bothered to attempt the tricky creative task of twisting Robin’s character to accomplish this end, so instead, they simply reduced him to a parody of himself.

For these reasons, I'm not so pleased with this episode.


8 June 2009 at 02:41  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Bennie,

"How can Robin recklessly kill so many anonymous guards and still care about the lives of Gisborne and even Isabella?"

The "Trekkies" have a long standing joke about anyone wearing a red Federation uniform because they are the ones which always get killed. Number 1 rule if you get cast in Star Trek? Don't wear red! Same in Robin Hood. Never put on the shiny hat! Even going back to c.1957 / 60, the original Adventures of Robin Hood (with Richard Green), frequently depicted the Shiny Hatted Ones getting shot IN THE BACK.

"Robin has never been able to shake his aristocratic origins when dealing with Much who is likewise Robin’s enabler because Much never shakes his servile behavior." And there, my friend, is the source of the matter.

"the Robin of series 3 won’t be missed because he’s become this two-dimensional hero." I wonder if the new Robin will be any "deeper" a character? I suspect not. I think they're now going for action hero and fake special effect castles. Also, if Robin is "Archer", what will the equivalent of Marian turn out to be?

Time will tell...

8 June 2009 at 10:34  
Anonymous Kim said...

Hello there. Am I the only one who sees the Guy/Meg dynamic (which I loved, btw) as being more father/daughter than lovers? I think he cared for her, definitely, and was obviously affected when she died, and there was lovely chemistry, but I just didn't pick up on the romance aspect - Meg likes him, yes, and after their dungeon conversation is perhaps a little awed by him, but I don't see this as the beginnings of love.

Yes, I know he kissed her at the end but I still maintain that the dynamic was more father/daughter, after all, you can kiss someone, even on the lips, without it meaning love, especially as a 'goodbye' kiss. (I'm well-practiced at this argument, having defended several 'goodbye' kisses between siblings in various films etc!)

11 June 2009 at 22:47  
Blogger montygonza said...

I loved this episode, for a variety of reasons. I love romance I don't care where it comes from :)

I was surprised however with Robin's romance with Kate. I knew she was infatuated with him, but I didn't think he was developing any feelings with her. Someone commented that he was a sleep through their scenes and I have to agree. no chemistry at all. I think his scenes with Isabella much more stirring

Much poor Much, but I'm getting sick of bumbling Much. I want to see him stick up for himself, take Kate around the waist and kiss he socks off, then walk away. He needs to believe in himself more.

Tuck is boring, he comes along and takes over Robins role of leading but thank god the writers tamed that down a bit.

Kate Love her, I know most of you don't like her, but you have to realise she is a peasant. She is learning to fight, probably not educated and not real smart, but she had a heart and is feisty. The guys think she is great for several reasons, Much is besotted, Allen loved the challenge of playing hard to get, once that was over she moved on. John sees her as a daughter or a niece. Tuck who cares... and Robin like I said didn't think he cared for her that way, because I was thinking he felt responsible for her situation.

20 June 2009 at 15:35  
Anonymous Michael Record said...

One thing that is worrying me a bit is the aforementioned shiney hat syndrome.

In the first series guards were generally only ever knocked out. Ok, knocked out by amusingly ridiculous one hit blows to an obviously totally ineffective helmet, but knocked out all the same.

This series guards just get killed every - single - time. Guard in your way? Kill him. Stealth behind a guard - do you drug him or knock him out? Neither, kill him.

However the EVIL characters, like Isabella's husband, get sent to a lunactic asylum. Apparently, killing takes a moral ground when it isn't a guard. Robin even in this episode says 'i only kill when necessary'. That used to be true, but now? He kills any guard in front of him.

I wouldn't care depending on the show. But a) as this is a family show and b) it goes out early evening and c) Robin makes such a hoo-hah of not killing unless necessary.

Back to the stupid john wayne punches please.

22 June 2009 at 15:44  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Michael,

I guess that's just the way it is in the 12th century English class system. Shiny Hats just don't stand a chance.

23 June 2009 at 01:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This episode was brilliant, i disagree with many of you this series keeps on getting better and better! Most of the actors are brilliant and i think issabellas a great sheriff (and its not completely unrealistic sean as though Johns being portrayed as a mad man!). Its was also very mooving and has a great balance of emotions. Guy of Gisbornes character is very interesting and i've always felt sorry for him he's bound to join the gang. The only bad part of this series is hat its going to be over too soon and i cant face a "RobinHood-less week"

24 June 2009 at 13:59  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi anonymous,

Isabella is indeed brilliant, as was this particular episode , 9.

24 June 2009 at 19:27  

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